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Accept & Proceed use data visualisation to capture the emotion and experience of running in a series of breathtaking short videos. This self-initiated project visualises data on emotions, senses, elevation, heart rate, wind speed and weather, captured during runs across five continents.

London-based creative agency Accept & Proceed showcases their latest project: experimental data visualisations that capture the emotions and experiences of running. For this self-initiated project, Explorations in Running, Accept & Proceed collected unique sets of running data in London, Tokyo, Cuba, Iceland, Mexico and Australia, before translating it into a series of emotionally engaging short videos bringing each run to life.

David Johnston, founder of Accept & Proceed commented, “We embarked on a new project, Explorations in Running, which combines our passion for data visualisation and creating emotionally engaging work resulting in unique, bespoke pieces of content.”

Accept & Proceed set up a studio running club and took advantage of the team’s travel plans to gather running data from around the world. Their running adventures included being chased by a pack of dogs in Cuba, dodging gaps between tectonic plates in Iceland, running in the heat of Byron Bay, Australia, and exploring the streets of London and Tokyo. The Films that Accept & Proceed have created combine engaging footage from each run, filmed by each runner in situ, with dynamic visualisations of the data they collected on emotions, heart-rate, wind speed, weather and elevation.

David Johnston continues, “The Films we’ve created show the potential to turn seemingly mundane data into a beautiful, rich and multi-dimensional record of a run experienced at
 a particular moment in time and in a particular location. They represent our first creative Explorations of using this type of data to explore the connection between emotion, experience and sports, and we’re excited to see how far we can push this approach in the future.”

Accept & Proceed used the Wahoo monitor, weather APIs and Strava and Nike+ running apps to monitor wind speed, time, weather and elevation, while Go-Pros and iPhones were used to record footage of each run.

Accept & Proceed

Accept & Proceed is a London-based design agency, founded over 10 years ago by David Johnston. Working with brands such as Nike, Rapha and Moleskine, they work to deliver meaningful experiences and emotional connections through creative strategy and a collaborative approach. By weaving together different perspectives, Accept & Proceed create multiple layers of experience, allowing individuals to find greater depth and connection with brands. Specialisms include strategy, branding, brand experience, print design and retail design.

Self-initiated work is very much at the core of Accept & Proceed’s identity and it is through this medium that they are able to pursue their passion for data visualisation. Their stunning light calendars can be found hanging in the offices of senior officials at leading brands and pieces such as their moon landing depictions are often on show during exhibitions at their studio gallery 43M3. Accept & Proceed have also opened Today Studios, a co-working space for creatives in Hackney, London.

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