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The Royal College of Art and Imperial College have created a treasure trail of ‘food design thinking’ to encourage open innovation amongst the World famous stalls of Borough Market. Including: promoting children’s good eating habits and the Open Kitchen, a space to inspire creative cooking.

Come along to the Cookhouse at Borough Market and pick up a map of the treasure trail amongst the stalls. There are 11 individual interactive exhibits showcasing a range of projects from RCA and Imperial students together with activities linked to major food related research projects at both institutions.

Visitors will be encouraged to try, test, design, build and record as a result of their exploration. The juxtaposition of ideas and the elements which make Borough Market a World famous food experience venue will all enhance deeper and creative consideration of the most fundamental of human needs – eating and drinking.


A digitally augmented kitchen for crowdsourcing cooking creatively
Paris Selinas & Mark Selby

Open Kitchen reimagines the kitchen as a place with memories and a history, augmented by data. Visitors are invited to explore the digital history of the kitchen space and tools, sharing with researchers their own thoughts, experiences and memories. This is part of a 6 year EPSRC funded project focused on crowdsourcing food and packaging innovation.

Children’s cutlery to promote healthy eating habits
Joon Yeon

COZY cutlery is microwavable, making the cutlery handles warm. This project explores how cutlery innovations could influence childhood eating behavior through sensory stimulation. Designed specifically for young children, the tactile experience may slow down the eating speeds, which is known to encourage healthier eating habits.

Helping children develop healthy and adventurous eating habits
Florencia Sepúlveda Camposano

Nico Tastes is an exploratory toolkit that invites parents and children to discover the world of food together, by using their five senses in a playful and safe environment. Nico Cooks is a unique set of cooking tools designed especially for children, helping children develop a healthy and adventurous relationship with food and eating.

T’ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it
Dyson School of Design Engineering

Many of the daily rituals that make our lives meaningful revolve around food and drink. Most times, these rituals emerge over time as part of our individual and collective routines and celebrations. Sometimes, we might be able to design them. This ongoing work explores the extent to which everyday rituals can be designed to create better experiences.

Seagrass-based food packaging material for less waste
Felix Pottinger

A new seagrass-based food packaging material designed to extend foods shelf life and reduce plastic packaging waste. This material is made from seagrass fiber and bound with an extract of the same fiber. This bio-composite has antibacterial properties, can be integrated into industrial processes, is biodegradable and could also increase shelf life.

Living With Human’s Bacteria and Bio-Data
Peijie Gu

As the world warms, agriculture will get harder. What radical alternative approaches are there? In the near future, home small scale micro-agriculture is possible. This exhibit proposes a toolkit allowing humans to collect the bacteria from natural food, waste or our bodies, even faeces, purifying these substances into vital vitamins.

Sonic and haptic triggers to control satisfaction in eating experience
Baohan Jiang

This exhibit is part a series which aims to stretch one’s full attention in the process of eating - sound, tactile sense and feelings that arise during a meal. A series of mats for tableware with different designs has been created, using physical tricks control the volume of sonic triggers, and form a contrast between expectation and real perception.

Searching for the Perfect Pop: How to Make Beer Taste Better
Drew Richards

Our perceptions of taste are influenced by many different factors, colour, size, smell and even the name of a food can affect how it tastes to us. In this project I am investigating the use of sound to improve the perceived freshness of a beer.

Optimizing the tofu cooking experience

Ting-yu Liu
Tofu is a sustainable protein source, but Western culture has a negative perception of tofu as a bland ingredient. The key to a tasty tofu dish is to press the water out of the bean curd before cooking. The Dogan Tofu Press simplifies this process, making cooking with tofu a more effortless and satisfying experience.

What does ‘good nutrition’ look like to you?
Dyson School of Design Engineering

We all have some form of mental idea or picture of good nutrition, but we also have things in our lives which may get in the way of maintaining our own good nutrition, and, by association our activity levels and well being. This exhibit explores how our own ‘pictures of good nutrition’ can become a useful starting point for life long well being.

Consumer-Driven Beverage Formulation and Continuous Manufacturing
Harris Makatsoris & Samet Isaev

Placing the customer as co-creator of new products is fundamental challenge facing the food and beverage industry. This exhibit by Cranfield University demonstrates software enabled crowdsourcing of individual preferences for a new energy drink, and making the drink at scale with a novel continuous liquid food formulation platform.

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