The Glass Chain





The Glass Chain, emerging architecture duo Space Popular’s first UK exhibition, uses abstract forms and innovative digitally printed glass to imagine an alternative future for glass in architecture.

Sto Werkstatt’s brief asked Space Popular to work with StoVentec Glass to redefine the limitations of the material and explore its bright, colourful, and energising possibilities – encouraging us to visualize a new purpose for glass in building design.

The title “The Glass Chain” is a reference to the infamous exchange of letters by a group of German architects from 1919-1920 initiated by Bruno Taut, fantasising about the myriad of possibilities of this incredible material.

Almost one hundred years after Taut’s vision, Space Popular has taken up the mantle to wrest glass from its modernist confines and set it free to enjoy bold colour, complex forms and new meanings. The installation explores different ranges of scale, playing with our visual perception of glass doorways as grand arches and small steps as giant pediments. Space Popular worked closely with Sto technical experts to realise a kaleidoscopic glass construction that uses glass to enhance, alter and question human perception of space.

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