Africa Centre: A Large Chair Does Not Make A King




10am - 6pm

Ticketed Event



“A Large Chair Does Not Make a King” is an immersive installation which will allow visitors to engage with the art and move through the space. The Africa Centre is delighted to be working with London-based designer Yinka Ilori to launch this specially commissioned installation.

‘A large chair does not make a King’ is an interactive installation where artist Yinka Ilori invites you to leave your ego at the door and seeks to remind you that regardless of how successful you have been in life we all share the common link of humanity.

Part of The Africa Centre mission is dedicated to promoting talented creatives and culturally diverse visual arts. Additionally, the space will host a series of workshops, film screenings and Afrobeat DJ Nights as part of the experiential art project.

When you walk into the space you will be confronted by 4 prominent sculptures that are comprised of brightly coloured embellished stairs with chairs on top - you are then encouraged to make a decision to walk up one of the sets of stairs to reach a chair and take a seat.

The stairs represent the walk of life that everyone takes, the chair reflects the status of an individuals’ achievements and when you reach the chair and sit down you will be treated to a parable that represents the narrative of life. When sat down everyone will be at the same height, which will encourage people to ignite new conversations and form new relationships.

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