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"Polish Design - Łódź Creates" exhibition will feature posters with the 1950s and 1960s design, fauna- and flora-inspired hand-crafted jewellery, weaving workshop products, and icons of Polish design, such as classic furniture and ornamented glass and ceramics.

Polish Design - Łódź Creates

Polish Design - Łódź Creates is a project that promotes the best out of over 200 young artists and designers working in Łódź, a place known in Poland as the national centre of creative industries, art and design.

After the fall of communism and shutting down of large textile factories, the local authorities decided that social revitalization and involvement in supporting art would be an opportunity for the city. Since 2011 the city has provided the artists with space to work in, provided grants to artists and has organised a series of artistic events. To date, hundreds of studios and cultural centres have been established in the post-industrial buildings. Two large catalogues describing the works of Łódź artists have been published. Training and meetings with consultants from various fields are regularly organised. The five artists we will present during London Design Fair prove that efforts to support artists can bear fruit.

The Łódź Creates stand will feature posters with the 1950s and 1960s design, fauna- and flora-inspired hand-crafted jewellery, weaving workshop products, and icons of Polish design, such as classic furniture and ornamented glass and ceramics.

366 Concept

Polish brand 366 Concept reissues icons of Polish mid-century design. We began with the 366 easy chair designed by Józef Chierowski in 1962, instantly recognisable in Poland.

We are now bringing other Polish design classics to an international audience. All our furniture is made entirely in Poland, with ten specialists working on each piece. We use hand-selected ash, seasoned for at least seven years, and superior stain-resistant fabrics. This commitment to quality and authentic design has won over specialists and customers around the world.
Design icons reissued by 366 Concept won the Must Have 2015 award and have featured in leading international publications such as Monocle, Elle Deco France and Harper’s Bazaar Poland. Our furniture has fans far beyond Poland’s borders and is now available in over 20 countries, including Germany, France, Britain, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Australia and New Zealand. This shows that good design does not age.


Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is a jewelry brand designed with love and care where the main role play animal motives. In the course of designing we use wide selection of semi-precious stones combined with various textures and colours to create refined and colourful jewellery that is designed to be layered and stacked. Every piece of jewellery is carefully made by hand from rough materials like silver, bras or plexiglas. What we love most is simplicity, delicacy and joy. Hand made jewelry, finished off with immaculate precision makes a perfect gift for every woman. Animal Kingdom is a wide range of bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Welcome to the kingdom of grace!



The entire brand philosophy of VOLA is contained in the name "art of deco". The art of decorating glass and porcelain is very close to us - we have been doing it for many years, with passion and commitment.
Creating the VOLA brand was, and still is, the epitome of our professional dreams and ambitions. Our goal is for Polish quality to achieve a new, unique aspect.
When creating our collections we cooperate directly and exclusively with Polish manufacturers. These are companies whose traditions and expertise in perfect metallurgy ensure the best manufacturing quality. Thus we prove that the revival of Polish craftsmanship traditions, the combination of hand-made glass with subtle, refined ornamentation, may yield outstanding results, in the form of a beautiful, decorative object. An object which will add character to any interior and also emphasise its style and refinement, without losing any of its functionality. VOLA products constitute great decorative elements for any table, which makes them a great, original gift idea.

VOLA offers high quality products with unique design and character. These products can act as stand-alone interior ornamentations, and also they can complement an existing design.

The ever-expanding VOLA product range is the answer to the market demand on products which are unique, beautiful and well-made. Strict quality control allows us to achieve the highest quality standards in the products we offer. VOLA collection products are hand made. Minor glass or porcelain imperfections do not affect the value of the products, but are the result of the traditional process of hand-crafting which requires highest competencies from the staff; and also guarantees that the product is unique and one of its kind. We are able to achieve the high quality and individual character of our products thanks to the passion, experience and high qualifications of our employees.



Tartaruga is a weaving studio and it's born of passion shared by two friends, lovers of craft and beautiful design. We create contemporary kilims and wall hangings because we think that textiles are irreplaceable part of every interior. We believe in slow design! Every piece is handmade with tradicional tools and techniques. Materials we use were produced in sustainable way or were recycled. All the yarns are dyed with non-toxic dyes. We also try to reduce a production waste. Our fabrics are made with respect for environment and our employees. A few percent of our incom is always intended to support non-govermental organisation that helps migrants and refugees.

Tartaruga Studio is based in Łódź and it's not a coincidence. The city was strongly connected with textile industry from the very beginning. With our activities we try to refer to those rich traditions. That's why we also conduct workshops for kids and adults. Weaving classes can help to know fabrics in practice.
Tartaruga means "a turtle". The turtle is slow but long-lived and unique. Exactly like our fabrics.



As our name rightly suggests, we just love to play with graphics, lines, designs and colour! We create unique minimalistic modern posters, but with a touch of retro. Our themes, esthetics and colours all refer to the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.
“I really appreciate Polish post-war modernistic architecture, which I find largely undervalued. I wanted to see it in its pure, original form – and that’s why I created our first poster with the Kaskada building, which evolved into a series on Polish architecture of that time.” - Kasia Jasinska

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