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Exhibition of new work by Lebanese artist and designer Pascal Hachem. His work is inspired by everyday life, often temporary in nature, it reflects on the social and political situations in Beirut. Hachem uses diverse mediums and common objects in new ways to challenge the viewer’s perspective.

This ambitious new exhibition of work by Lebanese artist Pascal Hachem will be composed of new sculptural installations, conceived in response to The Mosaic Rooms gallery.

Pascal Hachem’s work is inspired by everyday life and contextualises his reflections on the social and political situations in Beirut. The works are often temporary in nature, a reflection of the unstable situation in his city. Hachem has a varied catalogue of work using diverse mediums including his own body and common objects. The exhibition will be composed of object based and performative installations designed to challenge the viewer’s perspective.

Pascal Hachem was born in 1979, Lebanon, is an artist who conceives each work as a discrete experience, often creating interventions in urban spaces, or by creating sculptural installations in gallery settings. Hachem sets up compelling situations which ask or even demand that the viewer pause and concentrate, take the time to think and work out the visual conundrums he conceives. At its core his work is a manifestation of his response to the world, to the power relations and social situations he relentlessly examines and critiques. He has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions internationally. As well as his artist practice he is co founder of acclaimed product design studio 200grs with Rana Haddad.

Private view: Thursday 14 September, 6:30-8:30pm,
Talks & Events: there will be a weekly talks and events programme during LDF and throughout the exhibition. Please visit for up to date listings!

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