What Is To Be Done? Russian Arts and Design 1917 - 28




What Is To Be Done? Что делать? Chto delat' ?

Evoking artistic struggle in Moscow's artistic and Design revolution 1917 - 30

An Installation by artist / filmmaker Lutz Becker, illustrator Andrzej Klimowski and artist John Phillips

Free entry, 8th September - 14th October 2017

This exhibition celebrates the last century's Russian art and design revolution with a multi media installation using photography, photocollage, film, print, and illustration to construct a unique environment. The starting point is a cramped communal apartment in early 20th century Moscow - an imagined space shared by Malevich, Tatlin, Mayakovsky, Rodchenko and Stepanova, Brodsky, the Stenberg brothers, Popova, and a cast of other characters from Russia's artistic avant-garde.

Artists lived in a turbulent and changing world - a genuine battlefield of ideas - until all freedom of speech was eliminated as Stalin consolidated his power.
Referencing Russian installation artist Kabakov, this multi media show evokes the artistic struggles of the era, as well as the everyday dramas of life in a Kommunalka (communal apartment). The installation has been created and designed by 3 artists: film maker, artist and Soviet art expert Lutz Becker, director of the film 'Art in Revolution'; leading illustrator, graphic novelist and designer Andrzej Klimowski, and artist and photographer John Philips.

Opening party September 7th, 6.30 -8.30.

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425 Harrow Road

W10 4RE

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Westbourne Park, Queen's Park


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