Kobble Furniture - A New Normal


by Design Products RCA



Featuring Kobble Furniture, A New Normal is the upcoming exhibition at Machines Room during LDF, which asks how could products be made in a world beyond mass-production? All participants are pioneering new ways of making today, establishing a ‘new normal’ where manufacturing is redistributed and mass means ‘by the masses’ not en-masse.

One of these contributors is Kobble Furniture, who produce customisable, contemporary furniture. As a pioneer in parametric furniture design, they integrate customers directly into the manufacture process. Clients input their desired dimensions online, triggering parametric alterations in the design, and outputting files ready for CNC. This minimises material waste and, as products are made locally without exploiting labour or the environment, replaces the current flat-pack culture with a contemporary, affordable, customised and ethically made alternative.
Visit the exhibition to learn more about how Kobble works and how to design and order Kobble furniture yourself: https://kobblefurniture.co.uk/
Discover the full exhibition program for A New Normal here: http://www.londondesignfestival.com/events/new-normal-production-mass-ma...

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