by Kyohei and Miranda



KYOHEI & MIRANDA design studio is pleased to announce their first time exhibition at London Design Festival. KYOHEI & MIRANDA presents a story-telling installation of organic shape furniture collection.

The most entertaining installation of 2017, the story is set during a cruise trip gone awry. After a heavy storm, the ship has banked onto an uncharted island where you discover a variety of organically-shaped furniture created from the very nature on the island. Until your boat is fixed, you are determined to explore the island and encounter more of these unique pieces of furniture.
One of the main characters is PEACOCK, formed by connecting special feathers to create a flexible, visually-pleasing partition. With buttons on the brim of each feather/piece, it is quick and easy to reassemble. The PEACOCK is covered by a noise absorbent fabric and can be customised to the user’s favourite colours or patterns
Another main character is SALT, which is the modular lighting system. This eco-friendly light source is transformed into a structural material by imitating the process of 3D powder printing with the use of a microwave.
The Bird Stool is inspired by the resilience and strength of nature as represented through the broken legs of the stool. The space underneath the seat has practical use as storage for bags, magazines or pets.

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