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Marc Newson was invited by the London Design Festival to create a structure as part of the Size + Matter series. Working with ArcelorMittel, this large mushroom shaped pavilion was located on the Southbank.

Marc Newson to chose to work with the sponsor ArcelorMittel, the world’s largest steel manufacture for the project as he has always had a particular affinity with the material, especially when used in the right way.

Marc chose to enamel the large mushroom shaped pavilion to protect the steel from corrosion in the outdoor setting; he chose muddy industrial RAL colors: celadon green, pale blue, and mauve.

Talking of what inspired him to create it, Newson comments: "The starting point for this project was the underlying structure of biological growth. I used a conic section and a hexagonal grid to express biological forms in this installation."

London Design Festival

Over nine days in September, the London Design Festival feature hundreds of events taking place across London, showcasing the city's pivotal role in global design. The London Design Festival 2018 will be held 15-23 September, featuring over 400 Partners, Landmark Projects, and V&A Commissions.

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