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About Carla Chapman

Since graduating with a First Class Honours degree in Interior Design from Kingston, Carla has demonstrated to colleagues and peers a hardworking, driven and versatile nature. She believes that our immediate environment defines how we feel, act and encounter spaces. Through design, she hope to transform everyday mundane routines into meaningful moments by the careful balance of artistic vision and purpose.

Carla's most recent role as an interior designer has been working for Casson Mann, a leading interior and exhibition design company. Each design is bespoke and specific to the client and the story being told. Through her practice in this narrative-led approach, she has developed a confident, integrated approach to design. Previous and current design experiences include sectors such as retail, residential and hospitality.  

She is an enthusiastic, efficient and versatile worker who thrives working in a team. As a perfectionist by nature, she has a keen eye for detail which works well in all stages of the design process.