Speculative Design Introduction & Immersion

School of Critical Design

19-20 September 2019

A one or two workshop Thu-Fri 9am-6pm
1 Sekforde St 

the School of Critical Design

A home for exploration of next design & business practice applied to critical issues impacting the future of humanity.

We are an experimental design school dedicated to exploring emerging practice, methods and thinking in design, business, research, and strategy. Our professional workshops, masterclasses, and retreats create space to develop and apply next design & business practice to the most critical and pressing issues for our planet, people, & business now and for the next 1,000 years.

Corporate design practice can be even more restrictive, not allowing teams to explore directions outside of near term businesses objectives, and failing to allocate time for design teams to properly reflect on their method and process, or the global impact and meaning of their work.

The School of Critical Design is a home for conversations, practice, and exploration around next design practice. Our name is a play on Dunne & Raby's critical design, and the school focuses on discourse around "critical" issues that will impact humanity now and in the future, for example, climate crisis, energy, food, artificial intelligence, biodiversity, post-capitalism.  We’re creating a space for practitioners to develop further understanding of how design might contribute to this future, looking to bridge the discussions from educational theory to practice in the world. Our workshops & retreats are generally created for exceptional junior, and mid to senior level professionals looking to explore what is next in their practice.

Come and explore the future with us.