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Atrium Limited
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Atrium Limited
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Atrium Limited

Established in 1972, Atrium Limited, together with its Scottish division, Kelvin Lighting, is the UK’s largest independent specialist lighting distributor and exclusive host to some of the world’s most renowned lighting brands. With a reputation for enhancing our clients’ projects through the skilful application of artificial light, we add value through outstanding service, support and a unique portfolio of products enabling us to create complete and diverse lighting solutions across different market sectors including retail, commercial, hospitality, residential and public buildings.

At the heart of our proposition is quality – quality of light, of service, of support, of product and of solution. This is all professionally coordinated and managed to help our clients transform their best designed spaces into their best lit environments.

Our exclusive lighting portfolio includes some of the world’s most renowned brands including Ares, Buschfeld, Cooledge, Flos, Grupo MCI, Modular, Oseido and Sattler.