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About Jessica Riley

Jessica is an interdisciplinary designer and researcher, using human-centered methodologies to explore, define and solve the complex and intangible challenges we face as a society. Jessica wants to empower and engage people in the process of design, aiming for equitable futures by supporting our shared creative agency. Jessica believes that the future of design lies in creative social innovations, empowering social infrastructure and finding better ways of looking after and understanding each other, as well as the world we live in.

With four years of experience in print and surface design for the commercial flooring industry, and graduating with a double masters from Global Innovation Design from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London, Jessica has designed a broad scope of solutions for a broad scope of challenges. These range from community-led systems in Beijing, participatory methodologies for local councils and built environment professionals to more sensitively understand and respond to the current and future aspirations of the diverse community they represent, and speculative narratives exploring how we understand our rapidly changing "climate-health" through colour.








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