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About Selina Rose

Designer, maker and textile artist Selina Rose's unique interior textile surfaces feature rhythmical patterns carved from felted wool fibres. Each surface adding texture, tactility and softening the interior environment.
Her approach challenges the medium of textiles, each relief textile surface becomes a functional work of art with patterns that are designed to be felt and surfaces that encourage interaction.
Selina’s signature compositions of pattern, colour and material result in unique statement interior surfaces and range of interior products. Her Suffolk based studio specialises in creating textile installations, acoustic panels, screens, room dividers and rugs.
“As humans we are naturally drawn to materials. My aim is to add pattern and tactility to interior spaces as well as purpose. Creating a functional textile product that adds texture and interest, enhancing the space and benefiting the end user through its design and natural materiality”

Selina Rose established her textile & surface design studio in 2005, carving out wool felt surfaces for high end residential and commercial interiors. Over the past 15 years she has created homewares collections for iconic design stores such as Heals and textile installations for clients such as BBC, Selfridges, British Land, Arup and Coca Cola.
Material considerations have always been Selina's priority. Sustainability and circular design are at the very heart of her ethos. As a design graduate back in 2005, she set out on her journey to create innovative textiles for interiors using sustainable textiles from natural sources.
"I choose to work with wool because it is a naturally cyclable material and it offers such an array of natural benefits. The beauty of wool lies not only in its aesthetic and tactility but the inherent benefits that it offers as a textile. A material that is renewably sourced from nature, intrinsically resilient, genetically intelligent with durability, efficiency and breathability intertwined within its fibres."
The life cycle of wool follows a circular pattern from sheep to fleece, fleece to fabric with the ability to return to our earth, regenerating new pastures and natural systems as it biodegrades, creating a continuous sustainable loop.

Selina is celebrating her studio’s 15th year with the launch of her new range of textiles entitled The Process Collection. The Process Collection emerged from an immersive and restorative design project. The result is a collection of bold, expressive patterns with a sense of organic fluidity and artistic handwriting with new textile wall hangings being added to Selina's product range. 

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