Partner Programme

17 — 18, 20 — 25 Sept 2022

Interiors & Furniture, Materials


135 Curtain Road




Five shows under one roof: SCP 2022 Collection by Ilse Crawford & Oscar Peña, Matthew Hilton, Philippe Malouin. One Tree, a project which repurposes a dying ash tree. The UK launch of lighting brand Blue Green Works. A window of handmade chairs by Wilkinson & Rivera. A preview of the Beasley Brothers Repair Shop.

SCP 2022 Collection Launched at the 60th Anniversary edition of the Milan Salone del Mobile earlier in the year, the SCP 2022 Collection is defined by a new energy for the unique, the decorative and the plush. Featuring new upholstery and furniture from Ilse Crawford & Oscar Peña, Matthew Hilton, Philippe Malouin, Sarah Kay, Donna Wilson and Terence Woodgate. A collection that is defined by a new energy for the unique, the decorative and the plush. One Tree The One Tree project, which sees the repurposing of a dying ash tree from Sheridan Coakley’s garden, into a range of different objects, by Max Bainbridge, Poppy Booth, Oscar Coakley, Sebastian Cox, Sarah Kay, Matthew Hilton, Peter Marigold, Moe Redish, Wilkinson & Rivera, and Faye Toogood. It’s a project that puts a spotlight on wood: how we grow it, use it, and secure its future. The One Tree project seeks to create one-off objects of beauty, which will both retain the carbon from the tree and give new material life to something which would have otherwise disappeared. Blue Gree Works Continuing SCP’s long-standing relationship with the American design scene, and in particular producers of exemplary lighting products, we are pleased to introduce Blue Green Works to the UK. Blue Green Works is a Manhattan based design studio founded in 2020. They combine carefully hand-formed materials with precision metalwork, using clear construction methods. For LDF, SCP is presenting the Palm Series of lights, a collection that draws inspiration from the beach modernism of the Fire Island Pines, the Palm series combines hand rolled, kiln slumped glass and precision machined steel or brass elements. The subtle texture and soft edge of the glass provides a warm counterpoint to the metal’s strict lines. Of Nature Wilkinson & Rivera present Of Nature, four one-off chair designs that are the beginning of a larger body of work. Initially inspired by “Verb List”, an artwork from 1967 by the radical American sculptor Richard Serra. Serra’s Verb List is a handwritten compilation of what he called “actions to relate to oneself, material, place, and process.” The four chair designs are addressed by Wilkinson & Rivera as actions. Titled Puffed, Wilted, Whipped, and Rippled, each design is made from a different wood and touches upon traditional woodworking processes: steam-bending, hand turning, carving, and hand-cut joinery. The duo uses these processes to manipulate the wood in a way that progresses what's expected of timber furniture. Beasley Brothers Repair Shop As part of the ongoing Eternally Yours exhibition, Somerset House commissioned designer Carl Clerkin to build a functioning repair shop in their gallery. SCP, along with Very Good and Proper, Ercol, Pearson Lloyd, Jasper Morrison Studio and John Tree Studio have all donated components to the Beasley Brothers Repair Shop. Broken parts, excess stock and waste material were sent to be repurposed. Carl Clerkin and a host of designer-makers set to work, breathing life into unwanted materials and producing entirely new products.The outcomes will be exhibited at SCP from 4-12 October, with an auction on the 12 October. During London Design Festival, SCP will host a special preview of the pieces.