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Partner Programme

20 — 22 Sept 2022

Industrial & Product Design, Fashion & Textiles, Materials, Education

Nirvana Creative Production House

Nirvana CPH

Unit 8 Waterside, 44 - 48 Wharf Road


N1 7UX


Looking into themes surrounding sustainability across all production, products, material sourcing and the circular economy, the aim of our workshops is to educate visitors to gain a more in-depth understanding of sustainability in production.

The activities in the workshop will allow us to explore what sustainable design is across product and packaging. The route brands can take to navigate to better packaging and product through the circular economy; and reach your brands sustainability goals. We will also explore how to accurately measure sustainability through readily available tools and the checkpoints required for building environmental claims for your product and packaging. Some of the themes covered by this workshop will include sustainability across production, products, material sourcing / circular economy. The workshop will aim to address and give you tools to resolve the following questions: - What is sustainable design (across product and packaging)? - How to navigate to better your packaging / product through circular economy? - How to navigate through circular economy to reach your brands sustainability goals / ambitions? - How to measure sustainability - Basics to get you building environmental claims for packaging - Conclusions with action points that anyone can use when leaving the workshop Dates and times: 20.09.22 Tuesday at 10:30-12:30 21.09.22 Wednesday at 10:30-12:30 22.09.22 Thursday at 10:30-12:30