Partner Programme

24 Sep 2021

Craft, Digital

The Dockland Settlements Centre

400 Salter Road


SE16 5AA

Bizzie Bodies is creating a community-powered space for children and young people to learn through experimentation, interaction and observing of processes modelled by experts and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills while using new technologies and developing personally, socially, and intellectually.

For Bizzie Bodies, the best possible outcome for children and young people will always be central to planning any activities, workshops, or events, and so projects will be offered to develop their creativity through the use and eventual mastery of technology with a view to generating positivity and optimism for the future in a very diverse borough in London. Community outreach projects are planned with local charities, libraries, schools, and festivals to achieve the widest possible participation. We have extensive experience of teaching new skills in different, exciting contexts within art and technology. We believe young people will be able to share their existing knowledge and skills, whether traditional or contemporary, with each other as well as learn from experts while mastering cutting edge technology. The space will be open as a drop in space through out the year once a week initially.