Creative design and art

Open Studio / Showroom

Partner Programme

24   —    26 Sep 2021

David Samuel

Unit 13a Excelsior Studios

17-19 Sunbeam Rd


NW10 6JP

RareKind will host an open studio in their space at Excelsior Studios in Park Royal. David shall be showing the plans, designs and finished photos of the hand painted way-finding and art produced at the local new development One West Point in North Acton. David will also show his own personal artwork and typography.

During the LDF David will host an open studio for the weekend showcasing design led paintings that he produces by hand using sign writers enamel paints and brushes. Along with the studio visit to see his paintings and process, he will be showing the Creative Deck and completed works photos and documentation of Residence, the first of four residential buildings he’s art directing for the One West Development in North Acton. This will include the Way-finding system and layout, commissioned artists murals and a large pieces of artwork for each floor. This has all been designed from the RareKind Studio at Excelsior by David Samuel.