Creative Partnerships Benefiting Hospitality - Montcalm East Panel

Talk / Panel

Partner Programme

22 Sept 2022

Interiors & Furniture, Urban Design, Education

Montcalm East

151-157 City Rd




Join a panel discussion with industry experts, focusing on how hospitality design is evolving through partnerships and unique experiences, and how a platform like Montcalm East can help emerging photographers and creatives.

This panel discussion, free to all, will explore how the hospitality and design industries are intertwined with people now expecting more from travel in terms of unique design and offering. It will discuss how Montcalm East worked with Blacksheep Interiors and Culture A to curate a bespoke art collection that reflects its East London surroundings. By working with a variety of local designers and social enterprises as well as offering photography residencies for students of Ravensbourne university, the hotel supports emerging artists while offering a unique hospitality experience to guests. Participants will include Montcalm East co-founder, Nadira Lalji, joined by some of the brand’s key creative partners. Nadira will be joined by Paul Mann from Blacksheep Interiors, art consultant Anne Rogers, and Ravensbourne University. The panel will last 45 minutes and will be followed by complimentary drinks and canapés.