Design to Wonderland Exhibition

Partner Programme

16 — 17, 20 — 24 Sept 2023

Industrial & Product Design, Fashion & Textiles

China Exchange

32A Gerrard St




An event programme led by Shanghai Design Week to discuss the role of design as a driver in the consumer goods industry. Focusing on sustainable design, Chinese design aesthetics, and leading brands from China, the exhibition space brings together global design outcomes and talents opening up for creative exchange.

DESIGN TO WONDERLAND is a project that celebrates the impact of design in facilitating the international development of the consumer products industry, acting as a new global site for Shanghai consumer brands, and connecting with leading design minds around the world. Focusing on brand ecology, sustainable development and cultural aesthetics, D2W explores the role of design as a driver in industrial innovation, quality of life, as well as urban and social development. Space Elaboration 鲜地 FRESH An exhibition space for sustainable design, showcasing fresh perspectives and technologies that transcend the boundaries of imagination. 设集 D STAND Integrating immersive brand and retail experience, D Stand brings together leading brands and products of great design, connecting brands with the diverse global ecosystem. 东西 DONGXI Focusing on artisanship, Dongxi presents the contemporary innovative representations of Chinese culture and aesthetics in design.