Exhibition Tour with Niko Koronis

Partner Programme

19 Sept 2023

Art / Collectibles

Ladbroke Hall

79 Barlby Road


W10 6AZ


Join artist and designer Niko Koronis for a guided tour of his current solo exhibition 'Metamorph' at Carpenters Workshop Gallery London.

Join us for a guided walkthrough of Niko Koronis' solo show 'Metamorph', in the presence of the artist, followed by a drinks reception. The exhibition offers the opportunity to encounter a body of work focused on the captivating qualities of Belgian Black marble, as Koronis delves into the intricate interplay of positive and negative spaces. Each piece becomes a gateway to discovery, inviting viewers to engage with texture, form and movement in surprising ways.  Koronis’ pieces embody a sense of depth and dimensionality that transcend traditional notions of the possibilities of marble as a medium. Through skilful manipulation of this unique black stone, he invites viewers to explore the intrinsic relationship between light and shadow, revealing hidden layers and unexpected details.