First Impression: Elevating the Everyday

Exhibition / Installation

Partner Programme

17 — 18, 20 — 25 Sept 2022

Craft, Industrial & Product Design, Interiors & Furniture, Multi-Disciplinary Design, Art / Collectibles, Materials

Charles Burnand Gallery

27 Whitfield Street




Charles Burnand Gallery presents First Impression, a group show including staple pieces of collectible design alongside a world class array of glass and ceramic works from both established and emerging artists. The landmark exhibition of artistry celebrates emotional parallels whilst recognising material differences.

For its inaugural London Design Festival exhibition, Charles Burnand Gallery presents: First Impression, Elevating the Everyday. The exhibition brings together 17 new and established artists, from across the globe, whose works will be presented amongst world class collectible design pieces. First Impression, is a landmark exhibition of artistry within collectible design that references differences across mediums and celebrates emotional parallels. Gallery owner Simon Stewart has curated a collection with a strong focus on on glass in order to coincide with the UN’s international year of glass, ranging from glassblowers to furniture designers, some highlights include: Fredrik Nielsen, recently shortlisted for the Loewe International Craft Prize, presents his striking glass creations born at his Swedish studio. Continually drawing on references from across the world of graffiti and music, Nielsen’s pieces ooze substance, intrigue and are in demand from collectors world-wide. Dawn Bendick who explores our relationships with both natural and artificial light, through her iconic and transformative ‘Time Stack’ pieces. Zac Weinberg’s ‘Search/Party’, an incredible cut glass and industrial object bricolage shines a light on the objects we interact with, elevating them to works akin to scientific tools. Weinberg’s technical alchemy transforms the kitch into art. Linda Boronkay,’s debut artwork ‘Veiled Chaise’ plays with form to leave us with a substantial yet sleek creation filled with elegance and power. Truly an embodiment of Boronkay’s personal approach and aesthetic. CaCO3, the Italian trio who’s work investigates the relationship between different materials and the aesthetic possibilities that arise from combinations. Mia Jung, whose passion for art and design stretches back as far as she can remember - expertly balanced and supremely liveable, Jung’s work is marked by its ability to transcend period or style. Australian design duo, Raven & Lack’s piece is representative of their desire to collaborate and share their creative vision through unique design using honest materials Agathe Labaye & Florian Sumi showcase their desire to combine industrial vocabulary with craftsmanship. Revealing the signs of technique is achieved by visually supporting the codes of construction. The industrial element developed as a support that will accommodate the expressive element resulting from the work of craftsmanship. Callum Partridge, a trained silversmith, draws his inspiration from the constant exploration of how every day objects and machinery work and are assembled. Drawn to clean forms and shapes, Partridge creates functional objects such as candlesticks, beakers and boxes using traditional silversmithing techniques, exploring his ideas first with sketches on paper, but more often than not turning to the raw materials and letting his creations take form realtime. Caleb Zipperer, an American artist whose deep curiosity lays at the core of his practice, which is driven by a desire to understand the fundamental basics and inner mechanisms of our human existence. His bold designs exhibit a strong figurative and poetic narrative between form and materials. Max Jacquard is an award winning designer, including first prize at the 2016 Glass Biennale, who found the relative freedom of glass and ceramics early on in his practice. Highly experienced in a wide range of glass working techniques Jacqaurd pushes the boundaries of expectations as to what’s possible from this material. In order to nurture young talent the gallery presents recent graduates drawn from the Royal College of Art’s degree show. All exhibiting artists: Mia Jung, CaCO3, Fredrik Nielsen, Dawn Benedict, Max Jacquard, Manberg Project(Joanna Manousis), Zac Weinberg, Inger Sif Heeschen, Noa Chernichovsky, Binghui Song, Caroline Chouler-Tissier, Agathe Labaye & Florian Sumi, Caleb Zipperer, Raven & Lack,Callum Partridge, Alexandra Champalimaud and Linda Boronkay