Fiskars | Gifu | Hiroshima

Partner Programme

19 — 24 Sept 2023

Industrial & Product Design, Interiors & Furniture


18c River Street,




An exhibition exploring the similarities that exist between Finland and Japan, bringing together for the first time works by Maruni, Nikari, Ozeki & Co. and Woodnotes. Featuring Barber Osgerby, Cecilie Manz, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Jasper Morrison, Joanna Laajisto, John Pawson, Kari Virtanen and Ritva Puotila.

As part of the London Design Festival, twentytwentyone present Fiskars | Gifu | Hiroshima The Craft & Design of Maruni, Nikari, Ozeki & Co. and Woodnotes. Despite their geographic distance, Finnish and Japanese culture display some intriguing similarities. Both countries share sensibilities in pursuing a love of nature, its influence on design, and a great respect for quality in materials and craftsmanship. twentytwentyone will explore these connections through new and existing works by Maruni, Nikari, Ozeki & Co. and Woodnotes. Maruni from Hiroshima, Japan, presents work by Cecilie Manz, Jasper Morrison and Naoto Fukasawa. Nikari from Fiskars, Finland, includes designs from Alvar Aalto, Joanna Laajisto, John Pawson and Kari Virtanen. Woodnotes from Helsinki, Finland, will exhibit the newly launched Willow by Claesson Koivisto Rune alongside existing work by pioneering designer Ritva Puotila from their paper-yarn carpet collections. Ozeki & Co from Gifu, Japan, present a new mini-version of the Hotaru lighting range by Barber Osgerby designed exclusively for twentytwentyone.