Immersive Installation by Patrick Nash

Partner Programme

17 — 18, 20 — 25 Sept 2022

Industrial & Product Design, Urban Design

Borough Yards

Clink St entrance, unit 220




For LDF's 20th anniversary, Cluster London and Patrick Nash are collaborating once again, bringing their unique vision to the Bankside community.

Patrick Nash is an artist who has exhibited over many years across New York, Florida, Washington DC and London. He works across art and design in the medium of neon. In 2018, Nash became part of the Cluster family exhibiting his sculptures and installations for the first time. Since then Patrick has showcased his installations several times and presented a staged reading one-act play called FUNNY GUY which will be back in January 2023. To mark London Design Festival’s 20th anniversary, Cluster London and Patrick Nash have decided to collaborate once again and bring the neon figures to the Bankside community. Based in the heart of London, Patrick’s installation will not only respond to the unique environment of Borough Yards, but will offer a mesmerising interactive element, responding directly to the movement of the viewer as they traverse through and engage with the space. Fusing a level of functionality and interactivity alongside a visually striking aesthetic will form one of LDFs must-see showcases. In a world of excess, Nash’s work is distinctly minimal and clean, using single lines in his work to produce concentrated spaces of light. Neon is a medium steeped in a rich modern history, and is compelling to audiences within and beyond the art world due to its highly commercial appeal. When discussing his own practice, the artist cites the tedium of anticipating an emotional response between an artwork and its viewer, and in his simple yet enticing figures there is certainly less of an emotional pull; instead we instinctively gather around them. The very nature of neon allows the subversion of the traditional one-directional gaze towards an artwork. We then find ourselves enveloped in a new space created by the artist; it is installation art without the architectural structure. Patrick has a background in art, sculpture, music and theatre. All of these things in essence, proceed from an origin point of inspiration in him, to a destination of perception, in you. His current work is about shortening the length of that journey. At Cluster, we strive towards innovation, new experiences and we make new opportunities. Join us on this voyage as we come together forging an innovative pathway through the creative landscape of the Twenty-First century. To find out more about Patrick, our next collaborative project, Cluster Contemporary Fair and our upcoming events check out our website: | Follow us on Instagram: @cluster__contemporary ; @cluster__crafts