Makermark - furniture and other creations

Partner Programme

20 — 25 Sept 2022

Craft, Interiors & Furniture

4 Garden Walk

4 Garden Walk




Makermark is a designer and maker, crafting furniture and other creations using traditional woodworking techniques and a playful, contemporary approach. The exhibition launches Makermark's first collection of furniture alongside unique commissioned pieces and Makermark's other creations.

Housed in a gallery in the heart of Shoreditch, the exhibition showcases Makermark's new furniture collection, custom-made pieces and other creations. The custom-made pieces feature the ‘Pebble’ table, with its straight lines and hand-shaped organic forms, and the 'aXis' table, a highly sculptural piece which appears to have been formed from a monolithic block of black wood. Artist Beccy Mccray responds with a triptych of paintings, which like the 'aXis' table, reference the recurring cycles of the cosmos, with a dark and light dusting of Beccy’s disco mystical aesthetic. The collection features the 'FutureRustic' table, a contemporary interpretation of the traditional farmhouse table; and the 'nu:folk' bench, inspired by the relaxed charm of the Mediterranean. Both pieces are made using traditional joinery and capture the playful wit of the Makermark brand. Other creations feature the 'Phone Home' phone stand, a product made using workshop offcuts. The simple design uses materials that would otherwise be destined for waste and provides Makermark with a test bed to experiment with new textures, finishes and material combinations. Darkly humorous, animalistic ceramics by Benjamin Philips complete the exhibition; with the trio of creators all living and working in Hastings, East Sussex.