Partner Programme

18   —    19, 21   —    26 Sep 2021

Craft, Multi-Disciplinary Design

13 Soho Square




An immersive multi-disciplinary interrogation of the narrative materiality of mushrooms through contemporary design and craft practices, collaboration, research, and storytelling - MYCOTA engages all the senses with the embodied potential and capacities of the fungal kingdom.

MYCOTA brings collaborators working across contemporary design and craft practices into conversation with a research archive and each other to explore the embodied material potentiality of fungi. From food to fabric, the exhibition will provide an immersive environment for visitors to engage with mushrooms in their various physical forms - mycelium, fruiting body, biochemical compounds, and spores. After many years of being overlooked or treated with skepticism, fungi are increasingly being touted as miracle organisms - fixing everything from plastic pollution to immune deficiency. But before we get ahead of ourselves, they deserve to be met simply as what they are. Complex and ancient organisms found inside seeds and cells; that can stretch across states and forests. Smelly, tasty, pigmented, poisonous, medicinal, psychoactive, fleshy, hard, dusty, gloopy... mushrooms and fungi are worth getting to know. MYCOTA investigates the Fungal Kingdom using research, literature, ritual, experimentation, sensory entanglement, craft, and practical biology. It aims to encourage enthusiasts, the curious, and the unaware to engage with fungi in a research-led, embodied way. Walk-ins (on a one-in-one-out basis) welcome, if slots are sold out.