Special Project

16 — 19 Sept 2023

Architecture / Landscape, Graphic Design & Visual Communications, Urban Design

Shoreditch Electric Light Station

6 Hoxton Square


N1 6NU



Supported By

Multi award-winning artist Morag Myerscough and MINI invited audiences to explore a luscious urban world where tradition meets technology. An exciting announcement about the brand's future was brought to life as an immersive installation in Morag’s signature style that is bold, colourful and positive.

Shoreditch Electric Light Station provided the setting for this unique piece. ‘Nice to Meet You Again’ offerred an exciting new insight into the brand's vision for the future, while celebrating the power of human connection and the transformative potential of unity, bringing MINI’s Big Love attitude to life. Morag and MINI form an unbeatable design duo, united by their shared values of imaginative space utilisation. They ingeniously integrate their designs with the surrounding environment, utilising every nook and cranny to create captivating experiences. These values shape the installation, providing a fully immersive journey into a future where spaces are adorned with abundant greenery and teeming with vibrant life. The installation was open from Saturday 16 September - Tuesday 19 September. Throughout the week visitors had the opportunity to take part in workshops, listen to talks, enjoy refreshments, and explore the installation. Morag, born and raised in Holloway, London, has now embraced life in the countryside but has always been captivated by how colour, pattern and words can alter the urban environment and the public perception of spaces. Her explorations of urban landscapes and imaginative use of space makes her the ideal partner for MINI, as a design icon renowned for reimagining automotive design since the 1960s. This collaboration amplifies the brand's commitment to creating dynamic and positive mobility solutions that reflect the energy and diversity of both rural and urban life. Morag's work, closely aligned with MINI's Big Love values, radiates a sense of belonging, honouring local identities and heritage. She collaborates with community groups, infusing the art with the spirit of the area. The installation exuded a contagious sense of optimism and positive energy, mirroring MINI's signature 'go-kart feeling' and playful nature.