Partner Programme

16, 18 — 23 Sept 2023

Art / Collectibles

Ladbroke Hall

79 Barlby Road


W10 6AZ


In keeping with his radically experimental approach to sculpture, Niko Koronis continues to blur boundaries between material and form in Metamorph at Carpenters Workshop Gallery London.

The exhibition offers the opportunity to encounter a body of work focused on the captivating qualities of Belgian Black marble, as Koronis delves into the intricate interplay of positive and negative spaces. Each piece becomes a gateway to discovery, inviting viewers to engage with texture, form and movement in surprising ways.  Koronis’ pieces embody a sense of depth and dimensionality that transcend traditional notions of the possibilities of marble as a medium. Through skilful manipulation of this unique black stone, he invites viewers to explore the intrinsic relationship between light and shadow, revealing hidden layers and unexpected details.