Nothing Happens if Nothing Happens

Partner Programme

20 — 23 Sept 2023

Craft, Digital, Industrial & Product Design, Interiors & Furniture, Materials

Material Matters, Bargehouse

Oxo Tower Wharf

Barge House St




Isola brings to London Design Festival its community of independent designers and design studios with the exhibition Nothing Happens if Nothing Happens. Focusing on using regenerative resources and repurposing waste materials in an effort to bring the spotlight on a circular design approach.

For the first time, Isola takes part in London Design Festival, further expanding its borders in another corner of the world. Hosted in the iconic five floors Bargehouse, within the Material Matters fair, Isola brings its community into a dynamic and atmospheric venue, occupying the space of a whole floor with its exhibition involving forward-looking designers and design studios from all over the world. Following Isola's theme for 2023, Nothing Happens if Nothing Happens, the Milan-based platform is gathering design professionals committed to the mission of using design to promote circularity, innovation, and craftsmanship. The exhibition will be a path between market-ready furniture and materials made with a circular approach, using natural resources and industrial waste. Isola will be in London along with some of its international partners for the 2023 agenda: design studio IAMMI will collaborate with Isola’s creative director Elif Resitoglu for the exhibition design and with Italian start-up ReMat, focused on polyurethane waste recycling, for the realization of the space set-up. Moreover, Colab, the first purpose-built material library in the United Arab Emirates, will share its wide and innovative archive with the British audience through a dedicated space within the show. The Good Plastic Company, a European-based manufacturer and sponsor of the exhibition, will supply its Polygood material, made from 100 percent recycled plastic waste. This material will be used in the bar and lounge area for various events during the four-day fair. Lastly, 3DD Factory partners up with Isola to develop an AR app that will reproduce the products on display in the exhibition, give access to more information on the items and special interactive contents such as material info or interviews with designers, allowing users to visualize them in their homes or offices.