Exhibition / Installation

Partner Programme

18   —    26 Sep 2021

Craft, Interiors & Furniture

Folk Clothing - Shoreditch

45 Redchurch St


E2 7DJ

Gareth Neal presents two new collections united by the mission to reduce waste wood within the timber industry. Combining craftsmanship with the latest digital technologies, Gareth has produced two distinct series; one with home at its heart, the other made possible only by a high-precision robotic milling arm.

The first collection was developed out of a need to create functional products from a singular timber plank. The off-cuts, naturally produced through the process of making, informed each next step in the design process. If an off-cut was too short it was patched together with another smaller off-cut. The outcome is a series of beautifully puzzled together versatile solid wood products designed to be positioned anywhere in the home, from kitchen to entrance hall to bathroom. The second collection arose from acquiring four hefty timber lumps from Gareth Neal’s local sawmill. Due to their gnarly knots, irregular lumps and characterful grain patterns these pieces would have been considered low-grade timber not suitable for typical furniture manufacture, despite having taken hundreds of years to grow and having sequestered many tons of carbon in their lifetime. Using the block form as they were obtained from the sawmill as the starting point for each design, a series of geometric cuts were digitally designed and milled to transform them into bold artist pieces with a long future.