Palette by Paul Cocksedge

Festival Commission

13 — 21 Sept 2014

Multi-Disciplinary Design, Materials

Emirgan Mahallesi

Sakıp Sabancı Cd. No:42




Commissioned by London Design Festival for the GREAT Festival of Creativity, Palette by Paul Cocksedge was an installation that celebrated Britain and Turkey, their historical connections, trade and culture.

On the 9m long railing along the balcony of the elegant Seed Building, London based-designer Paul Cocksedge constructed an intricate and colourful display using translucent circles of varying sizes. The piece took its starting point from the colour ratios of the national flags of the two countries. The colours of each flag at either end gradually dissolved as they met in the middle to create a unique chromatic blend: an entirely new colour made up from the constituent parts of the two flags, symbolising this collaboration of creativity between Turkey and the UK. Paul Cocksedge added: "What I enjoy about Palette is the way it only comes to life in this setting, when the transparency of the material re-defines and celebrates the landscape beyond it: the trees and plants, the sea, the sky... on its own it is not complete".