Partner Programme

16 — 17 Sept 2023

Architecture / Landscape, Multi-Disciplinary Design, Urban Design, Materials, Education


41-43 Standard Road


NW10 6HF

Imperial College London, a global top 10 university in West London, collaborates with artists, creatives and makers of Park Royal to solve real-world problems through craft, design, technology and innovation. The collaboration will involve local artists, students, staff and the Dyson School of Design Engineering.

Craft meets technology to solve real-world problems encountered in our neighbourhood. The challenge is to connect Park Royal and North Acton through improved pedestrian and cycle routes. By connecting these two places, the aim is to make the area easier to navigate, safer and more accessible, but also to spark a deeper collaboration between Imperial College innovators living in North Acton and the craftspeople of Park Royal. This is a real-world problem and therefore we need real-world solutions. Those participating in the collaboration will aim to fund and deliver on the ideas borne out of this project.