The Permanent Temporary - Hosted By Fabrix, SUMweekly and 948collective

Partner Programme

24 — 25 Sept 2022

Architecture / Landscape, Multi-Disciplinary Design, Fashion & Textiles, Art / Collectibles

The Bottle Factory

12 Ossory Road




After the success of last year’s two-day celebration of local design, arts and culture, Southwark South’s headline event ‘Permanent Temporary’ is back! Showcasing work by local residents, artists and creators, the weekend-long event will highlight the talents in the area with exhibitions, talks, music and more.

The Permanent Temporary confronts the constant state of flux creatives find themselves in. Creatives in Southwark work in a permanent state of evanescence, as rapid regeneration shifts the ground beneath their feet and spaces for making are redeveloped. Even as the environment around them transforms at a dizzying pace, the fabric of the community remains strong. This event will provide space for creators to showcase their work, giving opportunities for the local community and young people to explore new frontiers of design while opening the door to LDF for a previously underrepresented demographic. Held at The Bottle Factory, a 126-year-old 30,000sqft warehouse and creative campus just off the Old Kent Road, the weekend-long event will include talks, exhibitions by talented individuals from the area and beyond, music by the area's up-and-coming musicians and food from the local community. By showcasing the work of local residents and creators from Southwark we hope to reinforce the point that their voices need to be heard and considered, while celebrating the diversity and talent that comes out of the area. It is highlighting the fact that young people and local residents do have the power to shape the Old Kent Road and future high-street. The event includes a fashion show produced by Nicola J Reid: Share, Style, Shoot, Sell (a.k.a 4S) is an immersive fashion experience, sharing the stories and visions of emerging talent within the community. Saturday 24th, 8pm SUMweekly is a multi-faceted platform specialising in the promotion of culture and knowledge we think is important to youth in the 21st century. Consisting of Artists, Creative Directors, Scientists, Graphic Designers and more, the SUM collective aims to fairly represent the diversity and energy found in South London and beyond. 948 is a Subversive collective operating at the intersection of culture and creativity. Working in the digital physical and imagined space, 948 addresses social, political and cultural issues through initiative - based projects and other digestible mediums. By Livesey Exchange x Pempeople x SUMweekly x 948 x Fabrix