Poggenpohl Chelsea

Open Studio / Showroom

Partner Programme

24 Sep 2021

Interiors & Furniture, Service Design

Poggenpohl Chelsea

265-267 Fulham Road



Poggenpohl Chelsea will be relocating this Autumn to 265-267 Fulham Road SW3 6HY. The new location will be the ‘Hub’ of the brand in the UK. It will be showcasing elements of Poggenpohl's new 2021 collection over three floors of architectural beauty.

With this year’s collection, Poggenpohl provides fresh perspectives for the kitchen, making a clear statement for the future. Under the central theme of ‘Spotting New Dimensions’, the founder of the modern kitchen celebrates interpretations of modern opulence. Whether in a classic villa, a functional bungalow, an open loft, a stylish flat in an old building or a compact efficiency apartment – the kitchen is the centre of modern life. Kitchens are where people cook, celebrate, work and live – in abundance and with enthusiasm. It’s where the family is at home, where friends and colleagues are welcomed. For Poggenpohl, kitchens symbolise a life of enjoyment that is rich in character and full of energy. The kitchen is part of an architecture that combines living space with life itself, and through personalised features and intuitive use, it becomes an expression of one’s personality. Poggenpohl’s latest collection interprets life liberally. Traditional technology and innovation come to-gether in a contemporary interpretation of luxury.