Presenting Kabin - On demand space for an on demand world

Updated Product Soft Launch

Partner Programme

17 — 18, 20 — 25 Sept 2022

Architecture / Landscape, Industrial & Product Design, Urban Design

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Introducing Kabin. We believe everyone deserves a quality space to do their best work, anywhere, anytime.

At Make.Work.Space, we’re on a mission to elevate people and companies through future ready workplaces. Because where we work affects how we feel and how we feel affects how we work. Our next generation Micro-Office, Kabin, is an empowering space for deep focus, big ideas and vital conversations. A private space where you can be the best you. Kabin is designed and built around four pillars: light, sound, temperature, and ergonomics. Each element complementing the other to create a positive influence on the user. Clever design means the inside feels a lot bigger than it looks. Seating is large, supportive, instantly comfortable. And suddenly the geometry makes sense. You’re empowered and in control. There’s a feeling of confidence and privacy. You’ve arrived in your own personal office – and the office has evolved. Everything fits together beautifully and is within easy reach. All your devices simply plug and play, your phone is hands-free, the table folds away with satisfying solidity. Significant sound abatement means confidential conversations stay that way. The temperature, lighting, soundscape, and mood can be easily adjusted in situ or pre-set on the app, making it simple to create a space that’s right for you. The colour palette inspires a sense of calm. And every recycled, high-end material is chosen as much for how it feels as how it looks. Air quality is key to workplace wellbeing, and you can take a deep breath and relax into your personal time in Kabin, reassured that the HEPA filter and enhanced ventilation works to remove dust, pollution, and allergy-causing particles. We have created Kabin for the longer journey, rather than the quick 'phone or Zoom call. It’s been designed to provide a secure, comfortable environment to cater for an individual’s wellbeing, addressing the neurodiverse needs for those whose best work is done in privacy and away from the noise and distraction found in busy offices and public spaces. Its robust design and weatherproof exterior allow flexibility of use for both indoor and outdoor placement and beyond the workplace, in locations such as train stations, airports, public squares, hotel lobbies and private gardens. Kabin's are designed to be the perfect personal space and they come in three different models. All built to the same high standards, offering the same level of comfort and privacy, and finished in high-quality materials. Visit to find yours.