Scaffolding Brut by Beta Tank

Exhibition / Installation

V&A Project

17 — 25 Sept 2011

Victoria & Albert Museum

Cromwell Road



For London Design Festival 2011, Beta Tank created Scaffolding Brut at the V&A.

When Eyal Burstein of the conceptual design practice Beta Tank began to consider the ubiquitous phenomenon of scaffolding, a product designed purely for utility, he wondered what would happen if you could add an aesthetic component. As part of his research for an upcoming book, Scaffolding Brut, Burstein presented an investigation, into how scaffolding could be used to beautify. Creating components out of porcelain, a material whose delicateness seems to represent everything that scaffolding is not, Beta Tank playfully offered a set of scaffolding accessories - beautiful adornments that could be added to the structure to embellish it, including bird boxes, vases, planters and a wine cooler.