Partner Programme

17 — 19, 22 — 25 Sept 2022

Graphic Design & Visual Communications, Multi-Disciplinary Design


93 Shernhall St


E17 9HS

Scattered Collective is a group of creatives who met whilst studying Graphic Design on a virtual MA with Falmouth University. Located all across the UK, they formed a real-life connection. Their work is multidisciplinary, and a shared interest in design and community links all the projects.

Annie Bowers, Tony Clarkson and Anna Robinette began as a group of MA students seeking an online community during the pandemic, offering each other advice and feedback on their work. Due to lockdowns and geographical distance, the Collective missed out on face-to-face events throughout the course. Now they have come together in the William Morris Design Line district in Walthamstow to make a real-world debut collaboration as part of the London Design Festival, creating site-specific works reflecting each of their practices. United by their shared belief that good design is about more than just making things look pretty, each member aims to create real meaning and community through their work. The work on show spans the fields of graphic design, mural-making, producing natural inks, psychogeography and printmaking.