Partner Programme

20 — 21 Sept 2022

Interiors & Furniture


Clerkenwell House

67 Clerkenwell Road



Showing the very latest thoughts on the changing shape and function of the office; we are presenting 'softer', more domestically influenced furniture which is replacing the more traditional workstations and are creating more imaginative, inspirational and informal meeting places and occasional workspaces

Anna: The first opportunity to see and try the new ANNA 'work sofa' collection from Verco, which has been designed to provide a 'key' component in planning comfortable, supportive, shared spaces for the new workplaces in the post-pandemic office. Bee Solo: Bee solo personal pods can provide a more interesting, focussed working or studying environment within the busy 'open plan' office environment, with an even greater appreciation of aesthetics and acoustics than previously available. Brix Solo: there is a requirement to provide a safe, private, flexible workspace away from the workstation and our Brix Solo does that in style. A place to recoup after a lengthy meeting, to relax to catch up on emails or to maintain 'focus' in a more agile world, where power is close at hand and where you can remain in touch with the workplace, when required, but acoustically and physically separated from the hustle and bustle of the office. Plaza Solo: Today work can take place anywhere, with wireless technology supporting more varied, interesting, inspirational and comfortable workspaces. With a simplicity of form and restrained appearance the Plaza Solo work booth provides a simple solution for informal meeting, waiting or workspaces. With a generosity of dimension Plaza provides a superb statement and focal point in any space, while the soft upholstery envelopes and reassures the user, providing a welcome oasis of comfort. DNA: The quality of the working environment helps dictate the quality of the work that’s done within it. This is the underlying conceptual approach that led us at Verco to ask renowned designers Roger Webb Associates to create our new DNA office furniture system. DNA is based on a straightforward idea: that with a small number of component parts, you gain a straightforward solution to the demands of workstation design, providing a flexible, dynamic and innovative interpretation for the modern workspace. Jack: Personal workspaces should be designed to support both collaboration and focussed work. The new model and balance in contemporary design provides the ideal partner for meeting the ever changing needs of the multi-functional workspace. Jack can provide more formal, traditional bench solutions, or more informal working arrangements, where the need for greater flexibility, agility and versatility of furniture is required. Jack’s simple modular construction allows you the opportunity to create your own oasis of calm in the ever- changing working environment, in the knowledge that Jack will be able to adapt to your needs today, and tomorrow. Martin: With its clean lines and softer, friendly and less formal structure, martin offers an opportunity to bring a fresh new feel to the collaborative areas of your workspace. The solid timber oak or walnut leg frames support a variety of veneered or laminate top shapes and sizes, with real attention to detail shown in the unique edge profile and in the conjunction of the materials employed; the texture and warmth of wood, with the precision and strength of steel and laminate.