Sia - Task Working Sustainably

Partner Programme

20   —    21 Sep 2022

Industrial & Product Design, Interiors & Furniture

Boss Design

7 Clerkenwell Road




Sia offers unrivalled choice, ergonomic comfort and responsible sustainability credentials independently verified. 70.4% recycled content, 43.1% being post-consumer recycled plastics and 98.4% recycleable.

Sia carries the torch, softening the workplace in the task area – introducing an array of naturally inspired colour options to sit comfortably in any scheme. Because pigment typically reduces the performance and surface finish of plastic parts, most task chairs come in a limited range of colours. By separating the surrounding elements of the chair back from the structural J-bar we’ve not only opened Sia up to a whole spectrum of colour possibilities, plus we’ve also brought an impactful graphical form to the design. The frame is available in four colours options in combination with an array of over 200 post-consumer recycled plastic mesh options including our Cloud 3D knits, Duo colours, gradient Fizz and solid colours – an unparalleled choice among task chairs; Sia is great for the environment and great for your space. Sustainability is at the heart of our design process. With Sia, we’ve managed to drive the virgin plastic used in the structural elements of the chair down to just 20%. The remaining 80% is recycled post-consumer plastic. As well as cutting the embedded carbon in the finished piece, our approach helps the planet by absorbing plastic waste. Moving towards a circular manufacturing model, Sia uses fewer components than most task chairs and is assembled without adhesives. This makes replacing damaged parts more feasible, extending Sia’s longevity whilst also making it easier to separate and reuse or recycle components at the end of its lifecycle.