Soft Ground

Exhibition / Installation

Partner Programme

18   —    26 Sep 2021

Industrial & Product Design

Marlowe Gallery Boat registration number: 521001

Regent's Canal Towpath

Moored next to Word On The Water - The London Bookbarge




On a barge floating on the Regent's Canal, Studio Thor presents new work. From capturing childhood dreams of magical rainbows to open source products and anti-capitalist design, Soft Ground advocates DIY culture and proposes adventures only found when wandering off the path. 

Inside Marlowe, east London’s most famous gallery barge, you will find a contemporary take on outdoor archetypes, from open fire grills to sledges. A collection of objects carefully curated for digital manufacturing, designed to be produced locally and last a lifetime. Files and plans are shared openly, proposing an alternative to a capitalistic approach. Therefore, encouraging everyone to create tools to connect with their natural surroundings. Located on Marlowe’s top deck is the Circular Rainbow Machine. This stainless steel hoop measuring over three and a half meters creates a misty cloud in which one can discover a complete circular rainbow. This simple yet mesmerising natural phenomenon takes shape right in front of the observer. A chance to experience a bit of magic.