Stop 7: Club dell’Aretusa - Daydreaming on the King’s Road

Partner Programme

16 — 24 Sept 2023

Graphic Design & Visual Communications, Other

Club dell’Aretusa (now Kobox Gym)

107 King's Rd




This is stop number 7 of 14 in the Design Trail 'Daydreaming on the King’s Road', a walk through time and design supported by Cadogan and King's Road Partnership.

Descending the stairs at 107 King's Road on one evening in May 1968, instead of an underground boxing gym you would find a club filled with bohemian clientele attending the launch of Apple Tailoring, the shop at 161 King's Road the Beatles started in partnership with fashion designer John Crittle. Club dell’Aretusa was a members-only club that attracted many famous faces including Sammy Davis Jr, David Bailey, Twiggy, the Stones, David Bowie and Mary Quant. The Beatles were a local staple at the time and the cover of their Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was shot in a studio on Flood Street nearby. Apple Tailoring unfortunately didn’t last too long, with the Beatles backing out later the same year and eventually closing its doors late 1970. We can imagine how tough the competition was on King’s Road being home to many fashionable boutiques of the 60s, catering for trend-conscious audience who eagerly followed different fashion movements.