Partner Programme

20 Sept 2022

Architecture / Landscape, Craft, Interiors & Furniture, Multi-Disciplinary Design, Art / Collectibles

Harella House

90-98 Goswell Road



Join IA at Harella House on 20 September at 6pm for a presentation on The Art of Sculpting Space by Dan Cheetham, Founder of FYOOG, an IA Company. FYOOG fuses architecture and art to create elegant, captivating spaces. The studio will feature a custom installation inspired by layers of community and sustainability.

IA Interior Architects—a global firm composed of architects, designers, artists, strategists, and specialists whose focus revolves exclusively around developing workplace, retail, and hospitality environments through the lens of interior architecture and the human-centric experience—welcomes London Design Festival to our Studio at Harella House. Featuring a custom artwork installation by FYOOG, an IA Company, within our newly designed London studio, Dan Cheetham, FYOOG Founder and Managing Director, will present on the art of sculpting space. Inspired by layers of architecture, art, texture, colour, fabrication, sustainability, and poetic narrative—as well as local context, history, culture, and community—the interior architecture and art installation comes together to create a harmony richer than its parts. Founded in 1984, IA is the first and largest global architectural firm focused exclusively on interior design and architecture. IA has offices in 23 metropolitan cities globally, including our London studio founded in 1997. The London team recently relocated its design studio to Harella House where they renovated the top floor with the vision to create a home away from home office setting. Inspiring innovation and enabling those interpersonal experiences that can only happen face-to-face, the new studio was envisioned as a venue with the same welcoming familiarity, warm hospitality, and ease of transition from space to space that nurtures the growth, balance, and wellbeing associated with the ideal of home. Harella House, site of a UK clothing exporter in the 1930s, is now upgraded, achieving a BREEAM Excellent rating and a significant reduction in carbon emissions. The structure’s fourth floor with pitched roof, expansive open area, large windows, mezzanine, terrace, and architectural features of wood and brick are ideal for the employees’ work home, with a custom art installation by FYOOG to enhance the overall experience. FYOOG was founded on the premise that the most coveted places remain relevant because they resonate with people on a deep level, eliciting unique sensory experiences that go well beyond the predictable and are transformative. Dan Cheetham established FOOG in 2010 to blend his interdisciplinary background into a unified vision and practice. Born into a family of musicians and a musician himself, as well as a passionate architect, Cheetham’s rich history informs an atypical creative process, thoughtfully weaving together layers of architectural concepts and artistic influences to realise compelling works. In music, this layering is called a fugue. In architecture, we call it FYOOG. Joining IA in December 2021, our combined teams are relentless in their pursuit to design a more forward-thinking, memorable, sustainable, and inclusive tomorrow. Together, we harness the power of diversity, health, and sustainability to propel the human experience and protect the planet. We don’t design space, but rather places to be experienced. Starting at 6pm on 20 September 2022, IA’s London Studio will welcome LDF for drinks and hors d’oeuvres. Cheetham will present on FYOOG’s Art of Sculpting Space as well as the story behind the custom installation. In the days following, the studio will be open to LDF for viewing from 12pm-7pm. We look forward to exploring with you how the built environment is meant to be experienced, not merely inhabited.