The Journey of a Drop by Rolf Sachs

V&A Project

14 — 23 Sept 2012

Digital, Multi-Disciplinary Design

Victoria & Albert Museum

Cromwell Road



Conceptual designer Rolf Sachs responded to the grandeur of the V&A's Henry Cole Wing Grand Staircase with an evocative installation for London Design Festival 2012.

This evocative installation fully exploited the soaring height of the ornate space, which was open to the public for the very first time during the Festival. There was a purity to the concept of this installation: individual drops of three primary-coloured inks were released from the great height of the staircase in measured intervals. Spectators were able to watch the drops of ink land with precision into a vast glass tank of illuminated liquid, exploding into organic colour clouds; each one different and mesmerising in form. On arrival, visitors were welcomed by choreographed soundscapes of droplets hitting the liquid; the sound amplifying through the space. ''As the drops commence their journey, there will be a sense of anticipation, followed by a visual spectacle.' stated Sachs. "Each drop within the sequence creates a unique and magical colour explosion, mysteriously disappearing moments later.''