Partner Programme

16 — 24 Sept 2023

Craft, Multi-Disciplinary Design

Ace Corner

149-150 Shoreditch High Street


E1 6HU


The LEGO® Piece Garden from The LEGO® Group and It’s Nice That invites Londoners to unearth their creativity in an immersive event during LDF. Visitors will have the opportunity to build their own LEGO® Botanicals and LEGO® Art pieces in a relaxed and creative environment resembling a blossoming community garden.

Play is an essential part of the creative process and of design thinking. It helps us to explore ideas from new angles and to discover unexpected connections. Taking a playful approach is also the best way to encourage collaboration between people. As Plato put it: “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” The LEGO® Piece Garden was designed by The LEGO® Group and creative media brand It’s Nice That to encourage fruitful play and collaboration, and is open to anyone who wants to cultivate their creativity, reconnect with a feeling of joyful focus, or just try out something entirely new. We’re inviting Londoners to step into a peaceful and calming space and to explore the LEGO Adults Welcome range, a collection of LEGO sets specially designed to help adults unwind, find their flow and boost their creativity. Visitors to The LEGO® Piece Garden will in particular have the chance to immerse themselves in the LEGO Botanicals Collection, a vibrant range of brick-built blossoms that allows for countless combinations and designs. Through this, they will be transported away from the bustling city around them and will be able to reconnect their creative instincts with the natural world. As artist Jason Evans from The Garden Gate Project has put it: “Creatively looking at plant life is like returning to the source.” The LEGO Piece Garden aims to do precisely that, enabling attendees to rediscover the pure joy of creativity. The installation will also play host to a number of Artists in Residence, who will be set up in the space and will produce original artworks using sets from the LEGO® Adults Welcome range. These artists will also then be leading a series of workshops to help attendees roll up their sleeves and get hands-on. The sessions will be built around encouraging visitors to find a sense of joyful focus, to nurture their creativity and to connect with the wider creative community around them. Whether you’re a professional designer, a part-time creative of any description, or simply a person looking for a peaceful activity to help you unearth your own creativity, everyone is welcome to enter The LEGO® Piece Garden and to explore the LEGO Adults Welcome range. Step inside and nurture your imagination, reinvigorate your mind and watch your creativity grow.