This Island Sunrise: curator's tour with Simon Andrews

Partner Programme

19 Sept 2023

Interiors & Furniture

Sadie Coles HQ

8 Bury Street




A curator-led tour of This Island Sunrise, an exhibition celebrating a selected history of improvised British design, bringing together three remarkable thrones of artisanal construction spanning four centuries.

Made respectively by the celebrated designer Tom Dixon (b. 1959), pioneering conceptual artist Eduardo Paolozzi (1924- 2005), and an unknown 17th century woodturner, each unique object speaks to the storied narratives of British national identity woven through design and craft. Presented on the occasion of London Design Festival 2023, the exhibition is curated by Simon Andrews and presented by Sadie Coles HQ at the Bury Street gallery in St James’s. To attend please email: