UAL x Super Nature presents Material Heroes

Partner Programme

18   —    26 Sep 2021

Multi-Disciplinary Design

Granary Square

Granary Square




The UAL Climate Emergency Network has invited graduating students  to highlight a material ‘hero’ from their final major project – whether macro, microscopic or a detail crop, the selected works address  cultural and environmental sustainability and will be presented on The Outside Art Project in Granary Square.

The Outside Art Project turns King’s Cross into one of the largest outdoor gallery spaces in London. This collaborative project with UAL is part of the King’s Cross Super Nature initiative and showcases a wide variety of materials with great potential, from the readily available to the highly specialised and even speculative. To learn more about each project, use the individual QR codes that link through to the UAL Graduate Showcase. The Climate Emergency Network is a growing community of students, staff and alumni from across UAL with diverse perspectives and approaches, united by shared interest and concern, creative practice and action in the context of our intersecting crises. This exhibition is part of Carnival of Crisis: Mobilising Creative Action in the Age of Emergency - UAL's response to the COP26 Climate Summit taking place in November.