V-Tower : Architecture's Response to Nature Colonization

Partner Programme

18 — 24 Sept 2023

Architecture / Landscape, Digital, Graphic Design & Visual Communications, Other

V-Tower is representation of post-Enlighten Western modernity into a parametric green facade which responsive to the climate. This architecture also a metaverse game to translate the genuine meaning of green architecture and presents architecture’s crucial role in human interaction that extends beyond space and time

We recognize that nature is colonizing and changes are inextricably linked to social, political, and economic forces due to the fact that the climate is altering concurrently with the colonization of the planet by nature. This change has been going on for a long time since the advent of industrial modernity which was formed because of the capitalist economic system, the right to freedom they have in managing their capital assets and the natural resources they own, on the other hand, has brought about various environmental crises. In actuality, the devastation of our environment by deforestation, anthropogenic pollution, and forest fires has driven us into catastrophic circumstances, with the threat of extreme temperature rises, massive flooding and declining agricultural yields looming ever larger over humankind. Now, the primary concern is what we can do to deal with the situation. V-Tower was designed by Budi Pradono Architects to demonstrate how architecture can adapt to environmental change. The V Tower, situated in the midst of the Thames River and the city of London, is a site where nature is being decolonized. It provides an ecosystem in which humans and nature coexist harmoniously. Through parametric green façade as secondary skin, the structure was designed to allow nature to thrive and react to the climatic conditions. The negative space between the letter 'V' provides abundant light to penetrate the tower and transparency to the city. Combined with the green space terrace and bridge that connected the tower bulk, the tower became the epicenter of cooling the dense city of London. V-Tower Game provides a new way to experience architectural spaces beyond space and time through a collaboration with Festivo, an Indonesian VR company. This hybrid reality is part of a larger plan to create a visual and human-perspective-based experiential zone. A user's comprehensive gaming experience will be rich in exploration, imagination, and innovation, and will enhance their overall experience. In the V-Tower Game, there is no limit to how far users can investigate; the game's architecture merely guides players through the space. Here, the distinction between the real, the potentially real, and the 'imaginary' begins to dissolve. The outcome is immersive, interactive, and captivating.