Why Study Design @ Brunel Design School

Talk / Panel

Partner Programme

19 Sep 2022

Industrial & Product Design, Multi-Disciplinary Design, Education

Brunel Design School officially kicks off their programmes of studies for the cohort of 2022. If you are also thinking about studying Design, we have organised an online event where you can come along and hear all about our programmes of study, covering industrial design, product design, engineering, and digital.

If you are thinking of Design Education, or have a plan to study Design subjects, then why not join me for a zoom talk taking place online Monday 19th Sept at 15:00. Use the link with passcode Bru@London (but do keep an eye out on the digital listing for any updates or changes). Ill be talking about my story having been an ex Brunel design student and my career progression so far and reasons I returned to Brunel Design School as a Lecturer. Brunel Design School is a favourite choice in the UK to study Design. Place hold the online event on your calendar and join the zoom meeting to find out everything about the courses on offer, from industrial design, product design, to digital design and media. There are also standalone and integrated Masters programmes options if you are planning to get into postgraduate education in design subjects.