Circular Design Series

Global food systems today account for 30% of emissions. This talk between Sarah Gillespie from SAP and Chantelle Nicholson, Chef, Author and Board Member, ReLondon Food Flagship Initiative delves into how circular food measures and biodiversity can reduce this waste.

With her restaurant Apricity, Nicholson designed it with circular principles in mind considering people, planet and profit. “For me, there are a number of principles that were potentially controversial.” she says.
“We have an 11PM curfew so staff can get home on time, using public transport. We only open five days a week, so staff can have two days off.”

Some of her other circular ideas have been how they use energy and water levels in the kitchen. “There was gas, but I refused to use it. We employ lots of energy saving techniques. We turn everything off for the two days we are closed.”

Aside from saving energy, they partner with food flagships to reduce food waste including Ellen Macarthur foundation. “There is three pillars of action. one is the processes used to source food. Secondly, healthy and sustainable food is in the menus, and the third is eliminating waste.”